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Welcome to! We would like to give some first information about how things work at this site.

Information for visitors

If you are here to learn about all things Rufus, there are two convenient ways to get started. First, there are the portals linked on the main page that take you to the main topics of this site. Second, there is the main category page, from where you can access all existing categories the articles in this wiki are sorted into.

We also recommend reading the About page to learn what all the fuss here is about.

Should you like to comment on articles, please use the discussion page of the respective article, linked on the top left of each page. Remember, though, that the discussion pages are not meant to discuss the article subject. Please sign your comments on discussion or talk pages with four tildes or use the signature button on top of the text field.

Information for editors

If you would like to work with us on this wiki, please consider creating an account for you. You don’t have to be registered to edit pages, but you get a nice user page assigned to the user name of your choice and it makes working together easier.

Working on a wiki is easier than you might think. The Help section linked in the menu on the left contains valuable information about how things are done here. Basically, there is an edit button on the top right of every page that gets you to the text field where you can edit the article. Underneath this text field are a field where you should give short info about what you changed, a button to preview your changes and finally a button to save your changes. For further questions about editing, please visit the editing help page.

When editing pages, please consider copyrights and note that the content of this wiki belongs to the community, including everything you write. Articles you create can be changed by others. They are not your property.

Discussions about this project currently take place on the discussion page of the main page.