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This portal deals with Rufus Wainwright's other works like operas and the sonnets.


Bloom (2006)

"One's-Self I Sing" (Walt Whitman), "Lux Aeterna Luceat Eis, Domine", "Unseen Buds" (Whitman) and "Hope Is the Thing with Feathers" (Emily Dickinson) were part of a six-movement choral collection composed for the Stephen Petronio Company production Bloom in 2006.[1][2]

The Sonnets

Based on William Shakespeare's sonnets, "Sonnet 10", "Sonnet 20" and "Sonnet 43", among others, were originally composed for Robert Wilson's staging of Shakespeares Sonette at the Berliner Ensemble, premiering in April 2009.[3] Rufus later recorded them for his album All Days Are Nights: Songs for Lulu.


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